Members’ access to Credit Union Documents

 Required Notice. Every credit union shall provide notice to its membership of the availability of certain documents related to the credit union’s finances and management.

Delivery of Required Notice. A credit union shall post a copy of the required notice on its website throughout the year. The notice required by this section shall be published in the credit union’s newsletter twice a year. If a credit union does not maintain a website and distribute a newsletter at least semiannually, the credit union shall provide the notice at least semiannually with each member’s account statement.

Documents Available to Members. Upon request, a member is entitled to review or receive a copy of the most recent version of the following credit union documents:

 (1) balance sheet and income statement (the non-confidential pages of the latest call report may be given to meet this requirement);

 (2) a summary of the most recent annual audit completed in accordance with §91.516 of this chapter (relating to Audits and Verifications);

 (3) written board policy regarding access to the articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules, guidelines, board policies, and copies thereof; and

 (4) Internal Revenue Service Form 990.