The following fees may be assessed against your account.

PC Branching (Internet Access and Bill Pay)

* Bill Pay Transaction FeeN/C

* (Bill Pay Transaction Fee subject to change with notice)

ARU (Credit Union Audio Response System)

* Bill Pay Transaction FeeN/C

Regular Shares (Savings)

Service ChargeN/C
Minimum Required Balance to maintain Account$5.00 (One Share)
Minimum Daily Balance to receive Dividends$250.00
Early Account closure
(If account has been open less than 1 year)
Dormant Account Processing Fee (after 3 years)$10.00
Below Required $5.00 Balance Fee (Quarterly)$5.00

Share Draft (Checking)

Minimum Required Balance to Open Account$5.00
Minimum Daily Balance to receive Dividends$250.00
Stop Payment Fee (all types)$30.00
Insufficient Funds Fee
(All types to-wit: item/deposit/ACH/ATM withdrawals)
Below Required $250.00 Balance Fee (Monthly)$5.00
Two party checks returned for insufficient funds$30.00
Photocopy of Original Check$5.00
Account Reconciliation/Research $25.00 per hour
Negative account fee (Monthly)$5.00

** Cost of Credit Union Checks

1 Box@ $17.95 for 150
2 Boxes@ $35.90 for 300
3 Boxes@ $71.80 for 600

Other Check Orders (charge based on Vendors Price)
** (Cost of Credit Union Checks subject to change with notice upon order)

OVERDRAFT PROTECTION OPTION will allow us to transfer funds from your Share account and/or designated accounts, over and above your initial $5.00 membership deposit, to prevent any debits from being returned for insufficient funds.  We can do this THREE (3) times each month at no charge.  After THREE (3) times, or if the funds are not available, there is a $30.00 charge thereafter for each item within said month.

ATM/Debit Card Fees

Service ChargeN/C
Replacement of ATM/Debit Card$5.00
Cash withdrawal at participating Credit Union
Network ATM
Point of Sale TransactionsN/C
Cash withdrawal at non-participating Credit Union
Network ATM
Varies per ATM machine
ATM Switch Fee$1.00

Other Fees

D/B/A accounts initial fee$5.00
Account Activity Printout$5.00 per page
Credit Union Cashier/Certified Check$3.00 per check
Stop Payment Cashier Check $30.00
Return Mail Fee (not including costs incurred)$5.00 per item
Collection Items Outgoing$30.00
Collection Items Incoming$30.00
Direct DepositN/C
Payroll DeductionN/C
Wire-Transfer Fee$30.00
ACH Origination Fee$5.00
Loose Coins under $10.00N/C
Account ACH Deposit/Withdrawal Research Fee
(Due to Incorrect Routing/ABA and/or Member Account Number; the correct Routing/ABA Number for Direct Deposit is 313182217.)
Coin Usage (Members only)3%
Withdrawal Fees: $10.00 for each withdrawal in excess of six (6) per month

Fax Fee

5 or more pages$5.00
less than 5 pages$1.00 per page

***Cost of Credit Reports

Credit Report fee (individual)$20.00/$25.00
Credit Re-evaluation fee
(Within 180 days of previous request)

***(Cost of Credit Reports subject to change with notice provided to Member upon submitting Loan request)

Inactive Account Fee
(inactive is defined as no Member initiated transactions for six (6) months)

Non-Member Service thru the use and benefit of Member’s Account:

Check Transaction Service Charge$25.00

Delinquent Loan Fees:  A Delinquent Loan Fee will be charged on loan payments that are more than ten (10) days late.  After the 10-day grace period a $25.00 charge will be assessed.

Fees are based on either the Credit Union’s direct cost for each service and/or the man-hours necessary to offer each service or perform each service for our membership. All fees are subject to change without notice.  See Credit Union for complete fee information.